Gelatine for food supplement for joints and bones

The collagen peptides (gelatine) are used in food supplements to treat arthritis or to preserve the good functioning of joints.

Some long terms treatments to preserve joints in good health, make use of collagen peptides.

Also for the treatment of some degenerative pathologies of the bones, such as osteoporosis, food supplements containing collagen peptides are used combined to food supplements containing calcium and vitamin D.

Gelatine for body care food supplements

The main component of the dermis is collagen, responsible for a good preservation of the structure of the skin.

Year after year, the quantity of collagen present in the skin diminishes, and wrinkles begin to appear.

It is then essential to preserve the quantity of collagen in the skin in order to avoid or delay the appearing of the signs of aging; a regular daily use of collagen peptides as nutri-cosmetics improves the conditions and the structure of the skin and helps to prevent its aging.

Gelatine for energy drinks and bars

Collagen peptides (gelatine) are used in the production of energy drinks and bars for sports people as a source of pure proteins.

Several types of proteins can be used for products fit for sportsmen, but peptides represent one of the purest source of proteins.

The proteins represent the “bricks” for the building of the muscles fibres and are crucial in the process of recovery further to very intense muscular stress.