Gelatine for beauty and body care

The peptide of collagen (gelatine) employed in food supplements may help to increase the strength, the resistance and the shine of nails.

Topic applications of products containing collagen peptides, help to maintain the hydration of skin, prevents aging and contributes to keep it soft and smooth.

Topic products for the care and beauty of hair, contains collagen peptides to improve the shining and the health of hair especially after chemical treatments such us perm and dye.

Gelatine for medical applications

Gelatine for plasma expander finds its application in emergency treatments. Quite often products containing gelatine are employed to compensate the volume of blood after exceptional bleeding.
As a matter of fact, the products with gelatine simulate the viscosity and molecular properties of blood.

In this case the gelatine employed will have very stringent microbiologic and entoxin specifications.

Gelatine is also employed for the production of hemostatic sponges which are employed during the surgeries to have a hemostatic local effect; these sponges can also be left where used as they are absorbed by the tissues.

Gelatine for pet food

Gelatine is employed for the production of pet food both for its binding properties and for its content of proteins.

As well as for human beings, for animals too, the collagen peptides are used as food supplement for the health of joints and bones.

Gelatine for the clarification of drinks

Gelatine is used as reagent to tannins and bitter substances of wine; furthermore it absorbs the substances which create turbidity through flocculation for an easier removal.

Therefore gelatine makes possible the clarification of wine, bear, fruit juices and cider.