Gelatine has several functional properties: gel formation, thickening, glazing, stabilising, emulsion formation, film formation, foam formation, syneresis, water binding. Gelatine is therefore an extremely versatile product, used in many fields of application.

Evening Primrose Capsules

Pharmaceutical applications

Gelatine for hard and soft capsules
Gelatine for tablets
Gelatine for micro-encapsulation


Nutraceutical and nutricosmetics applications

Gelatine for food supplement for joints and bones
Gelatine for body care food supplements
Gelatine for energy drinks and bars


Food applications

Gelatine for the production of candies
Gelatine for confectionary
Gelatine for dairy and ice creams
Gelatine for meat industry


Further applications

Gelatine for beauty and body care
Gelatine for medical applications
Gelatine for pet food
Gelatine for the clarification of drinks