manufactured according to
the customers’ requests
Lapi Gelatine

Lapi Gelatine was born in the Sixties as manufacturer of gelatine from bovine skins and nowadays   it is one the few manufacturing plants in Europe continuing to make use of this raw material.
The company is part of the European association of the Manufactures of Gelatine, GME (Gelatine Manufacturs of Europe).

In the Nineties  Lapi Gelatine  started to develop Fish skin Gelatin, operating with  the same production modalities which  have always distinguished the company: qualified research  and maximum  care in the selection of raw materials. Fish gelatine is specifically manufactured according to the customers’ requests and the company has become known  as able to supply “tailor made” solutions.
The products can be customised both in quality and packaging, Kosher and Halal certified gelatine also available upon request.

Thanks to a not too large scale production, Lapi Gelatine can dedicate all its commitment to the quality (ISO 9001:2008 certificate), to the service and the satisfaction of its market partners, that is to say its customers.

The Lapi Group

Lapi Gelatine is part of a group of companies which operate in the fields of chemicals, tannery, fashion and revamping of products.
The coordination of the group is made by the holding Lapi Group.

Figli di Guido Lapi
Vegetable extracts and chemicals for sole leather.

FGL International
Chemicals for tanneries.

Chemical for the leather finishing.

Distribution of basic chemicals for industries.

Lapi Gelatine
High quality gelatines for Pharmaceutical and Food Industries.

Vegetable tannery for the production of sole leather.

NPA Mosè
Revamping of leather articles.

“For its mission, technological value and dimensions, Lapi Gelatine is the manufacturer to make reference for the satisfaction of requests from small customers and multinational companies as well, for food and pharmaceutical fields.

Lapi Gelatine Company Profile